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 Instruction on drawing up a battle plan

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Instruction on drawing up a battle plan Empty
PostSubject: Instruction on drawing up a battle plan   Instruction on drawing up a battle plan I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 15, 2014 8:14 pm

Step 1
Take a screen shot of the base. Zoom in or out if required and make sure the image cover key defenses protecting the core.
Step 2
Connect tablet to the computer and right click then edit the image using Paint
Step 3
Use shapes and lines to highlight defenses to be taken out and draw potential paths that troop can take to destroy defenses and core. Use matching text and lines colors to highlight each step that has to be taken before moving to the next step. Change color between step 1 and step 2 of the attack plan. Ensure line weight is thick enough for people to see it on the map.
Step 4
Click on Text icon of Paint to insert a text box and start typing. Start with writing Step 1 Step 2 etc. then writing action to be taken for each step including preferred troop type usage, path to take, gun boat energy ability to use and key defenses to be taken out. Text size should be 14 and choose opaque background with contrasting color (etc black text white background or red text blue background) for maximum visibility.
Step 5
Save the image and go to the forum then click to start a new post. Insert ops title as base name follow by date and month (etc. Arsenal 24/12). Click on Host an image icon, chose the image file and click Host it. Wait for 1 minute for the link to be generated. Go to the third line to highlight the link and copy it. Then click Insert an image icon and paste the link in the URL box and click insert. Then click Send button to post the plan.
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Instruction on drawing up a battle plan
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